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What is Cocaine

Cocaine is a drug in a powdered form or crystal form. Furthermore, the powder is usually mixed with some substances like corn starch, talcum powder, sugar or other drugs like procaine. It was originally developed as a painkiller.

Where to buy cocaine

A lot of people face the problem of where to buy cocaine because of the legal status of cocaine. Highchemshop was created to solve this problem

How to buy cocaine

Now you know where to buy cocaine, the next step is how to buy cocaine. This is simple, visit highchemshop.com, hover over shop in the top menu bar and select the cocaine category and choose your cocaine.

Buy cocaine online

You can choose to either buy pure cocaine for sale or buy crack cocaine. After selecting your cocaine, choose your quantity and add to cart. Now you can proceed to checkout by clicking on checkout on the top main menu and fill in your shipping details and your payment method( we accept bitcoin payment methods). You can learn about bitcoin here

Cocaine for sale

Now you have ordered your cocaine for sale, the next step is to pay for your order directly into our bitcoin wallet address. You will see the bitcoin wallet address when checking out or you can contact us to send the wallet address. Once payment for your cocaine for sale is completed you send a screenshot of the payment to our email: contact@highchemshop.com. Your order will be shipped to the address you provided during checkout. Should in case you are not satisfied with your product you have strictly 7 days to refund.